Health and Safety Consultancy

The services of our Health and Safety team are tailored to complement the existing range of services Capital and Provincial offers to the construction and property client.


Our Health and Safety Consultancy services include:
  • Health and Safety Site Inspections and Audits
  • Construction (Design and Management)
  • Occupier’s Liability and Site Acquisition Studies
  • Fire Risk Management

Health and Safety Site Inspections and Audits
Utilising our experienced team of health and safety consultants we can offer a basic review of the safety conditions on site right through to a full in depth audit of the management systems and implemented procedures.

Construction (Design and Management) Services

CDM Co-ordinator
As with all our other services we provide this role in a pro active manner, not just seeking to act as the CDM ‘policeman’ for a project, but to add value through our involvement. Our clients cover a broad spectrum, including institutional investors, developers, end users and local authorities.

Client Advisor
Under the revised regulations, clients may find that there is no legislative reason to appoint a CDM Co-ordinator to assist them with the project; this does not mean however there are no client’s duties. In fact there are still a significant amount of duties the client holds, such as provision of information, co-ordination, and ensuring contractor has appropriate welfare in place before work starts.

Design Assistance
Advice and assistance from a team of experienced Health and Safety Practitioners / CDM Co-ordinators on the regulations including design reviews, CDM workshops, compilation of competence evidence.

Occupier’s Liability and Site Acquisition Studies
Due to a strong demand from our building surveying clients, Capital and Provincial now provides studies which are aimed at property owners and potential purchasers. Suitable for vacant and occupied premises, it looks to offer recommendations to reduce risks created from the activities of occupation. Similarly for vacant premises, those that could be created from trespass, vandalism and unauthorised entry. Areas that are covered include:

  • Security
  • Contractor control and access
  • Management
  • Fire
  • Unauthorised entry
  • Health and Safety (Public Liability)

Fire Risk Management
Our fire risk management services include:

  • Building fire management
  • Building log books
  • Fire risk assessment
  • Evacuation procedures and drills

Active Project Management

Our Project Management Capability

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Health and Safety Consultancy