The New ALTA 36 Energy Project Endorsement Series

As mentioned in my last blog, on April 2, 2012, the ALTA  formally adopted several new and revised endorsements.  In Part One of my discussions on the new ALTA endorsements, I discussed the revisions to the ALTA 9 series, the revised ALTA  13 Leasehold endorsements, the new ALTA 3.2-06 (Zoning – Land Under Development), the new ALTA 28.1-06 (Encroachments – Boundaries and Easements).  In Part Two, I discussed the new ALTA 35 series, dealing with minerals and other subsurface substances.  This time, I will finish by discussing the new ALTA 36 series, dealing with Energy Projects.

Due to formatting restrictions in WordPress, I have saved this discussion as a .PDF file which you can download here.

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