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Underwriting, Due Diligence & Cash Flow Modeling

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Optimizing transaction economics and maximizing asset value requires sound financial decision-making.  At GRS | Centaur, our goal is to allow clients to better leverage their in-house decision making talents and contract our professionals to extend their underwriting & due diligence staff.

Critical to the success of any transaction is ensuring that all elements are accounted for, thoroughly researched, and properly valued. Through our in-depth understanding of originations, property and credit risk analysis, and the securitization process, we provide support services for underwriting and due diligence. We can provide complete process underwriting, or we can manage specific underwriting or due diligence functions.

Our due diligence work also includes evaluating the property title, arranging and negotiating title insurance, reviewing property surveys, zoning and land-use law compliance and permitting requirements, as well as evaluating environmental site assessments, and reviewing leases.

We also clearly understand commercial real estate income. We provide historical cash flow analysis, current property level underwriting, cash flow projections, and discounted cash flows.

GRS | Centaur can deliver an experienced team of professionals that provide insight to an asset’s potential income and ultimate valuation for investment and disposition strategies. We have specialized practice groups for most property types, including franchise portfolios, and have transactional experience across North America and in Europe.