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Lease Restructuring & Asset Repositioning

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GRS | Centaur helps businesses improve leverage and cash flow by restructuring and repositioning real estate assets and commitments.  Whether closing under-performing facilities, consolidating as a result of a merger or acquisition, or expanding into new markets, our team serves both healthy companies as well as those in turnaround or in bankruptcy.

For troubled borrowers faced with declining property values, inadequate cash flows, or the threat of foreclosure, GRS | Centaur brings a wealth of experience in commercial real estate workouts.  Through our vast network of lenders and loan servicers, our specialists fully understand the dynamics of the workout process as well as the complexities of negotiations affecting borrowers, lenders, landlords, and tenants.

For operators seeking negotiated relief from landlords, GRS | Centaur offers unit level & market evaluations creating valuable insights to restructuring solutions, rent relief, and release terminations for dark locations.