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Asset/Loan Portfolio Analysis

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For our banking clients, we provide asset level review services and portfolio valuations to assist in balance sheet management. Our file review services range from data aggregating to asset summary preparation, and may include asset underwriting, collateral summary reports, and loan-file agreed upon procedures.

Our portfolio valuation services provide insight to the market value of mortgage notes or OREO on an asset-by-asset basis, providing clients an indication of value based upon current market execution. To advise clients on available options, we build cash flow analysis for different exit strategies, such as individual note sale, bulk note sales, foreclosure, and loan workouts.

For investors, GRS | Centaur assists in evaluating asset and note acquisition opportunities by providing analyses of equity and mortgage note offerings under consideration.  For M&A clients, we provide preliminary due diligence including file reviews, data aggregation and asset summaries on the targeted portfolios.