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Environmental Site Assessment

Under federal and state laws, the owners of real estate can be liable for cleanup of hazardous substances and petroleum products released at their property. This is true even if the release occurred before the owner became involved in the property or has no other direct responsibility for the release. As a result, related cleanup costs have a material, and sometimes catastrophic, impact on the value of real estate. Related impacts on cash flow, leasing, resale and the ability to obtain financing can all be contributors to a diminution in value.

Understanding of the environmental risks associated with property can help property owners, buyers, lenders and investors to protect hard-earned assets. GRS Group provides the following services to help clients identify environmental risks that can significantly impact their financial future:

Environmental Services:

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
  • Review & Update of Existing Reports
  • Risk Assessment per SBA Criteria
  • Transaction Screen Assessment
  • Lead Paint, MMP and Asbestos O&M
  • Phase II Limited Site Characterization
  • Remediation Project Management