Project Financing


We identify potential rebates and incentives for your Energy Conservation Project and assist you with the application process. We look at the actual cost structure of the project and are able to offer you Off Balance Sheet Financing (OBSF) which will allow you to immediately realize energy saving projects.  Your operating budget savings (reduced utility and maintenance bills) are then redirected to fund the energy savings project.

Funding vehicles like our Off Balance Sheet Financing option can fund the audit, design, and install of the energy efficient system (e.g. lighting technology & control solution).

GRS | Ti-Con partners with third party investors who invest in such Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) through this Off Balance Sheet Financing (OBSF) vehicle.  This allows your ECM’s to be realized immediately without waiting for capital allocation as your current operational budget is the funding source.

As your current operational budget is the main beneficiary of the energy conservation measure, the savings from reduced utility expenses can be repurposed to procure new technologies that will further reduce your energy consumption and improve the quality of your facilities.

Consequently, neither the project cost nor payments post on your balance sheet as a debt (liability) nor does it inhibit your corporate credit.  This allows you to preserve your capital for your core business operations.

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