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TiCon_Slide4Suspected potential contamination of the subsoil by hazardous substances is often a crucial investment and action-inhibitor for site owners and investors. For this reason, it is important that the risk of inherited contamination is made calculable by means of professional, proven and innovative examination methods.

In order to confirm or dispel a suspicion of inherited contamination burdens, a staged approach is advised:

The first assessment, also termed the historical survey, forms part of the more comprehensive Environmental Due Diligence. The historical survey reconstructs the previous history of a site. In this regard, the aids drawn upon are the evaluation of maps and aerial photographs, plans and files, as well as interviews of contemporary witnesses etc. The historical survey comprises the collection and appraisal of data, whereby no new independent data are generated.

If there is a suspicion of subsoil contamination following completion of the historical survey, the orientational survey is restricted to the localized areas of suspicion that have been identified. During the process, the suspicion of contamination should be either corroborated or removed by executing subsoil and / or groundwater investigations, which have been appropriately scaled from a technical and commercial viewpoint.

Further subsoil and / or groundwater investigations, the so-called detailed investigations, will substantiate the existence of harmful subsoil anomalies or inherited burdens and the requirements for refurbishment measures. In our environmental report, you will find comprehensive illustration and purposeful evaluation of the findings in easily understood terms: Are there any hazardous substances in the subsoil? Do environmental risks or health hazards exist?

A careful appraisal, taking all aspects into account, specifies the risk and offers solutions for management with regard to the liabilities that arise as a result. Our experts would be glad to provide you with advisory services custom-tailored to suit your needs.

Stephanie Tigges, Managing Partner


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