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TiCon_Slide3In the acquisition or sale of real estate portfolios, ever-growing importance is ascribed to environmental risks. For this reason, besides Technical Due Diligence, the execution of an Environmental Due Diligence review has become an essential requirement of most transactions.

GRS | Ti-Con has made it its business to carry out an extensive examination and review of environmentally relevant documents. With the aid of these documents, highly trained specialists identify any existing on-site environmental risks, as well as any potential risks. In this respect, particular attention is focused on hazardous building substances, as well as subsoil and groundwater contamination. In addition, a financial estimate of the risks is drawn up. The findings of the analysis are documented in an extensive environmental report.

Where desired, we also perform further advanced services, such as the testing of material samples from building elements, the subsoil or the groundwater. Our experts would be glad to provide you with advisory services custom-tailored to suit your needs.

Stephanie Tigges, Managing Partner


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