Commercial Real Estate Hinges on Relationships


Catherine CampanaDirector, GRS | Corteq(646)

Catherine Campana
Director, GRS | Corteq
(646) 864-9345

GRS Group recently announced that Catherine Campana joined the firm as a business development director for its assessment services company, GRS | Corteq. Based in New York City, Campana formerly worked at CBRE, where she was a vice president of the assessment and consulting group. She took some time to talk to us about the attraction of joining GRS Group and what she is hearing from clients right now.

What did you find interesting about GRS Group that made you want to become any employee?

One of the main reasons was because of Matt McGovern [a GRS Group director], Kevin May [another GRS director] and lots of other people who work there that I knew and knew about. It was an enticing reason to join.

So it was about relationships?

Yes, I had relationships with many of my former colleagues that are now here, people in the past who have been great to work with. That was one of the leading factors. I know of their successes, and I thought it would be a perfect fit for me.

What did clients say about the firm before you joined up?

In New York, every client likes to work with Matt McGovern because he is so well respected in the industry, and I worked with him before. With Kevin May it’s the same thing. He has a great reputation. Clients like working with them, and that makes my job more fun.

What are you hearing from clients about the commercial real estate market right now?

Everybody thinks the market is pretty strong right now, and everyone expects to be pretty busy until the end of the year. The feeling I get is that for the next three years, it’s going be an upward market.

Are there any sectors in particular that you are working on right now?

Quite frankly, it’s across the board. We’re working on industrial and retail out on Long Island. We’re doing a lot of multifamily transactions because there are so many agency lenders that we work with. But right now all of the sectors are busy nationwide. We’re seeing a lot of business in the secondary markets, and that would be mostly multifamily.

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