Ethics and Compliance

The GRS Group Ethics and Compliance Program reflects our commitment to the highest standards of integrity, business ethics, and compliance with local and international laws.

GRS Group is proud to be a global company. We operate in many different countries with a wide range of economic, political, social, and cultural customs and traditions. No matter where we do business, we strive to operate ethically and with the highest regard for local and international laws.

At the core of our business are GRS Group’s Values. You can read about our Values in our Code of Conduct, which we refer to as our Values Guide. The Values Guide sets forth the responsibilities that GRS Group people have to each other, to our business partners and suppliers, to our customers, to our owners, and to the communities where we operate. At GRS Group, we believe our Values are not mere words. We endeavor to translate our Values from words to action. And we require everyone who acts on our behalf – including GRS Group people, business partners, consultants, agents, suppliers, and others – to operate consistent with our Values and with applicable local and international laws.

The GRS Group Ethics and Compliance Program is an integral part of GRS Group’s business and culture. The GRS Group Ethics and Compliance Program defines GRS Group business practices and expectations. Business results are never more important than conducting our business consistent with our Ethics and Compliance Program. For that reason, we promote a values-based environment and encourage an open dialogue on ethical issues and business practices, internally and externally.